Privacy Policy


We gather and save your personal information that you voluntarily submit to us when using the website. Our main goal in doing this is to give you a smooth, safe, efficient, and customized solution. This enables us to tailor our website to make your experience safer, convenient and to offer services and features that most likely fit your needs. Most crucially, throughout the process, we obtain from you any personal information that we believe is required to fulfill this goal. Generally speaking, you are free to explore the website without providing any personal information about yourself or identifying yourself to us. You are no longer anonymous to us after you provide us with your personal information.

Whenever feasible, we make it clear which fields are necessary and which are not. You can always elect not to use a specific service or feature on the Website to withhold information. This personal information may be shared between Hobbeekiids and its affiliates, and it will be used by this privacy policy. We might automatically collect specific data about you depending on how you use our website. To better understand, safeguard, and support our users, we use this data for internal research on the demographics, interests, and behavior of our users. A collective foundation is used to assemble and analyze this data.

This data could include your IP address, your computer browser information, the URL you just came from (and whether it is on our website or not), and the URL you go to next (and whether it is on our website or not).

Why Do We Need Your Personal Information?

For us to give you and your children the best care possible, we need the following information when you enroll your kid in our child care program as the parent or legal guardian. Your child’s file may contain the following information about your child in addition to your contact information and the names and contact details of your family members:

  • Details on health and unique requirements.

  • Individual traits, abilities, and behavioral data.

  • Events about the child that our team has documented.

Purpose Of Collecting Personal Information From You

  • Identifying the children in our care and their families.

  • Keeping an eye on their health and well-being.

  • Tracking their developmental stages, skill acquisition, and special needs.

  • Creating a program for the children in our care that is developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive.

  • Gaining an understanding of the children in our care and their families' needs, wants, and concerns.

  • Building and maintaining strong bonds with the children in our care and their families

  • Providing the responsible child care services that one would expect from a licensed child care program

  • Managing and enhancing our business and operations

  • To fulfill any applicable legal and regulatory obligations.

  • Any kind of pictures that are clicked at centers/events is only for promotional purposes, we don't circulate such pictures to others or to third parties.

Hobbeekiids will never gather more personal data than is necessary to accomplish these goals without your permission.Personal information won’t be shared with third parties for marketing purposes; Hobbeekiids will only share it to offer or enhance their goods, services, and advertisements.

Secures Your Personal Information

We have put policies and procedures in place to guarantee that personal data—both electronic and paper—is shielded from potential loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, alteration, and destruction. Regular staff training is conducted to emphasize the value of security and privacy.

You agree to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information after reading this policy, enrolling your kid in our daycare program, and giving us the needed personal information. We will first get your agreement if Hobbeekiids plans to use or disclose personal information for reasons not included in this policy or that we don’t think are clear to you.

You may revoke consent at any time with written notice, subject to any contractual or legal limitations and with reasonable notice. For additional information about the ramifications of rescinding consent, please get in touch with us.

Contact Us Related To Any Question Or Concerns

Hobbeekiids which is operated by Kids Chanda Mama Learning LLP assumes complete accountability for the handling, privacy, and security of the personal data that we gather, utilize, and reveal.

If you have any concerns about this policy or feel that Hobbeekiids is not abiding by it, please send an email to

Or you may physically contact us at

5th Floor, Upper School Building, Excelsior American School, Sushant Lok Phase I,
Block C2, DLF Garden Villas,
Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122002